70 MW Wartsila Gas Engine


It was started with 2 Wartsila gas engines (17,4Mwh) at the industrial zone. Target was to sell hot water and steam to the Leather manufacturers heavily located in this zone. Then, in 2008 and 2010 the total installed capacity by making new attachments has increased to 70.8 MWh. The Power Plant is connected to the grid by 154 kV switchyard and the structure created will be able to come to power with the 120mwh. Power distribution network has been established around industrial zone by about 2 km steam and 8 km hot water distribution pipe line laying. 15 t / h capacity fluidized-bed coal boiler was added to the system for continuously feeding steam and hot water of customers need so that most of the generated steam can be used at the steam turbine operation while the engines are running.

Engine Specifications


FUEL: Natural gas
Power: 8730 kWh
Heat reat: 8124 kj/ kWhe
Efficiency: %43

50 DF

FUEL: Natural gas, LFO and HFO
Power: 8730 kWh at NG ; 15450 kWh at liquid fuel
Heat reat: 7997 kj/ kWhe
Efficiency: %45

These engines can run with two different fuels. They are more effective than their similar enginesbecause it can be changed into fuel on –line mode. It is easily posibble to change fuel while theengines are running.

Total Power: 70840 kWh

Total Hot Water: 360 ton/h

Total Steam: 35 ton/h

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