58 MW Wartsila Simple Cycle Power Plant

The plant has 58.38 MW rated power with 6 sets of Wartsila 20V34SG Genset. Single Wartsila 20V34SG gas engine can produce 9.73 MWe electricity per hour. The mechanical power produced with 20 pistons, then transmitted to generator with shaft and the 12163 kVA AVK Generators produce electricity and transmits to ABB MVCells via power cables.

90 MVA step up transformer located in 154 kV Switchyard, transmits the energy to the electricity transmission line.

Type of the Plant: Natural Gas Power Plant (Simple Cycle)

Total Power : 58,38 MW (6X9,73 MW)

Efficiency: %44

Type of Engines: 20V34SG Wartsila - Finland

Production Date: 2010

Number of Units: 6X9.73 MWe

Operating Voltage Level, Frequency: 11 kV to 154 kV, 50 Hz

Running Hours:







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